Patient Cases



Brittle and Broken Bones


A forty-five year old lady, who had a dreadful car accident, where she had her pelvic, thigh and leg bones broken. Although she was hospitalised for almost six months with her leg being bound in a metal frame and in a plaster, the outcome and improvement of her treatments was very slow, because she has brittle bones. She used to have an X-ray every three months to check if there was any improvement and each time there was very slight improvement, which meant more time in plaster and in bed. My Remedy: She was prescribed a combination of some Homeopathic remedies and certain diet. The outcome: The medical practitioner was amazed with the speedy progress in the healing process and fracture union she had got. Her general health started to improve faster than before. Emotionally she got better and three months later she was able to walk with some help. Three months later, you could not tell that she was the same person whom I saw six months ago.

Obesity and Weight Loss


A 36 year old male patient, who was almost 130KG was on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. He came to the clinic saying “You are my last hope before I opt to have surgery to minimise the size of my stomach.” He was emotionally disturbed and had low self-esteem. His obesity caused him a lot of matrimonial problems with his partner. The remedy: He was given detoxification and strict dietation remedies The outcome: Within three months, he managed to lose over 20 KGs. He indirectly introduced lots of Obese patients to my clinic as they were surprised and stunned with his treatment and his medical doctor stopped prescribing him the diabetic, high cholesterol and blood pressure medications. As a result of this treatment, the patient became energetic, healthy looking with a new happy attitude towards life, which made his family very content.

Case of Fibroids


A young, 26 year old lady came to the clinic recommended by her friend, who was a patient in our clinic. She was a petite, young lady with a very pale face, very weak constitution, no confidence and a very yellow smile who entered the room! She was suffering from heavy bleeding for a long time. She came soon after seeing her doctor who advised she take surgery to remove a tumour which she had that was the size of a big orange! She was not married and she was scared of the operation. She did not want to do it. After studying the case, I recommended some Homeopathic remedies and a suitable diet to compensate for the blood she lost and some suitable supplements. In a couple of days, she stopped bleeding and over a couple of weeks she achieved good blood circulation which showed positively and clearly on her face. She regained weight and became more active, more relaxed, more self-confident. She was doing very well. She stopped going to her doctor, because she was afraid of the surgery. I advised her to go to her regular doctor for a check up. She went and they found that although the tumour was almost the same size, there was no pain and bleeding to her doctor's amazement. Three months later after gradual improvement and feeling confident, she went for a check up after being away for a long time, and to both her and her Doctor’s surprise, the tumour’s size had diminished to be smaller than the size of a cherry. Her doctor told her with a tumour that size she was safe and that there was a possibility that the whole tumour would eventually disappear and he was right because last time I saw her the tumour was the size of a chickpea!


Anorexia and Bulemia


A young girl of 16 years old was brought to the clinic by her father after having seen different well-known doctors and private hospitals. She was almost like a moving skeleton. She said “I cannot eat or drink. When I eat I feel pain in my tummy. Whatever I eat or drink is rejected by my body." She had a very placid feature. No emotion. I could not tell whether she was anxious or relaxed, sad or happy. Her father was very anxious and worried about her life, especially because the last Doctor she saw told him if she continued that way she might die in a few months time due to starvation and dehydration of the whole body system. Three months after seeing her and following her case regularly every other week, prescribing the right homeopathic remedies, giving her the right therapies via QXCI biofeedback system and following the right diet for her case, she pulled up and regained weight and health in general. She is a happy girl now advising her friends to be careful not to copy the fashion magazine girls who she was trying to be like before she got ill.