Dr. Samira Zaidan.


Samira Zaidan is a professional Homoeopath, graduated in year 2000 from The COLLEGE OF HOMOEOPATHY, London.(LCOH) She is a member in the Homeopathic Medical Association. Samira Zaidan is a Professional Craniosacral Therapist and earned a diploma from The COLLEGE OF CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY in London, 2000. Samira is a professional QXCI/SCIO practitioner (Advanced training course) and has an established a Homeopathic clinic in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Samira participated in a number of International conferences (Spain, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia) as a guest speaker and has talked about Homeopathy in a number of public events in Universities and Charity’s events, College of Family and social medicine. Samira has successfully treated 2000 patients in Both UK and Saudi Arabia.

Philosophy of Practice


Dr. Samira believes in the integration of different alternative medicines and Homeopathic disciplines. She has a very close relationship with the medical practitioners. She uses all what she has learnt to help her patients and treats her patients holistically. She looks at the nutritional aspect of the body, gives advice regarding eating and drinking habits and arranges a diet sheet for each patient following the "Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet" combined with Macrobiotic food in case of cancer and diabetes. She has got a very good result on this level. She believes that to have a successful result with your patients a Homeopath should give remedies to detoxify the body depending on the constitutional picture of the patient before starting to treat the case presented. She has found that over 75% of patients had gotten rid of most of the symptoms they came to the clinic with immediately after one month of using suitable detoxifying remedies. She has got amazing results following this pattern of treatment. She also uses the QXCI/SCIO, a biofeedback system where patients can get general body energy check up and diagnoses plus instant energy treatment and energy balance.
Samira Zaidan is also a distributor of Ecoflow products. They are magnetic jewelleries which help any person to maintain good blood circulation and regular detoxification, which, as a result help people to enhance their chance of enjoying good health and haveing a balanced wellbeing. The main philosophy and doctorine of Homeopathic remedies depends on the Latin phrase "similia similbus curantur "(like cures like) which means that the substance which produces set of symptoms on a healthy body will cure the same set of symptoms exhibited in a sick patient. Potentization which means diluting and succession or shaking these are the main feature of making homeopathic remedies, the more potentized the remedy the deeper it goes in the system. Small sugar pillules or tablets are pregnated with the potentized remedies and carried to the body system orally, sometimes remedies are taken via the skin.

The Homeopathic Medical Association


The Homeopathic Medical Association It is very important that the Homeopathic Practitioner you choose is properly trained and registered. The Homeopathic Medical Association (UK) publishes a register of fully qualified Homeopathic Practitioners who follow the strict HMA code of Ethics and Practices. Dr Samira Zaidan is a Fully qualified and registered Homeopathic Practitioner.

The Homeopathic Medical Association.