Alternative Therapies.


Alternative Available Therapies: Dr. Samira Zaidan's successful treatments include:

- Obesity and related Diseases: Diabetes, Cholesterol Colon problems, Liver and Kidney disorders, Bone and Joints problems, Thyroid Gland irregularities etc.

- Genecology Female problems: Infertility, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Menstrual problems in general, Hormonal problems, prenatal and post natal treatment etc.

- Skin and chest problems

- Emotional problems: Insomnia, anxiety etc

- Children: Bedwetting, stuttering, clinging, lack of self-confidence, hyperactivity, chest and colds etc.

- Cancer patients: Post Chemo and Radiotherapy treatment support to help cope with the treatment and reducing the pain relating to those Cancer treatments.

- Bone fracture Homeopathic therapy: Helping people who received medical treatment with broken bones to have a faster recovery using advanced homeopathic remedies.

- Weight Loss: helping patients loosing weight without harmful effects and without being under stress using a combination of homeopathic advance electromagnetic analysis techniques. These treatments have positive impact on the rest of the body mechanisms.